Date Published:Sep. 11. 2017

Description of Pulls for Engineers

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What Are Pulls?

Pulls are mechanical components which allow manual opening and closing of doors, lids and so on.
They can also be used as grips when transporting or moving devices, equipment, or workpieces.

Types and Features of Pulls

Our abundant lineup includes various mounting methods, shapes, materials, and colors.
NBK will provide the pulls that meet your particular requirements.

Mounting Method

Female Screw Type

Fixing from the rear surface with a screw.

List of Female Screw Types

Male Screw Type

Fixing from the rear surface with a nut.

List of Male Screw Types



The U-Shaped pull is the most standard form of a pull.

Captive Series

We also have pulls with captive mechanisms. Pulls and their mounting screws and nuts will not come off unexpectedly even if the mounting screws or nuts loosen.

For Captive Pull UNMS-SC


For Pull without Captive Mechanism


Captive Pulls

Captive Washer for Pull
Captive Washer for Pull (with Captive Screw)


Various types of pull materials are available, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic.

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Steel      Stainless Steel      Aluminum      Plastic/Rubber      Other Technical Data

Color Variations

NBK pulls are available in a wide variety of colors.
These serve the purpose of drawing attention to the area of operation, clarifying operation procedure with different colors, and so on.

Plastic Pulls
(Color Universal Design)

Universal Design is intended to easily convey visual information to as many people as possible regardless of any individual differences in color perception.
More details about Universal Design >

Product Finder

Our convenient "Product Finder" enables rapid searches for your desired products.

Additional Service

Laser Engraving

Various marks and letters are laser-engraved on NBK products.
This is a service to make the NBK products even easier to use in terms of functionality by engraving marks such as OPEN, CLOSE, and arrows.

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Cleanroom Services

We can wash and pack your products in a cleanroom. This is suggested for products used in FPD production devices, semiconductor manufacturing devices, medical equipment, food and beverage machinery and even products that will be used in cleanrooms.

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Special Products

Come to us for production of non-standard pulls as well, including special shapes and surface treatment modification.


Surface Treatment

Anodized Barrel Polishing Electrostatic Coating (black) Electrostatic Coating (red) Shot Blasting

Description of Mechanical Components for Engineers

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