Date Published:Jul. 08. 2016

Designs and Examples of What NBK Can Create

We provide comprehensive support for your various needs.

Surface treatment

Various surface treatments are available.
NBK will propose the appropriate surface treatments for your particular applications.

Example 1:Pulls

Anodized Barrel Polishing Electrostatic Coating (black) Electrostatic Coating (red) Shot Blasting

Example 2:Knurled Knobs

Chrome Plating Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Black Gold Coating

Product List (Mechanical Components)

Products with Functional Screws

The threaded part of the lever/knob can be customized.
NBK will propose the appropriate levers/knobs and threaded part combinations for your particular applications.

Example 1:Clamp Levers

Clamping Bolt

Grub Screw

With Pad

Left-Handed Screw

With Built-in Washer

Example 2:Dimple Knobs

Clamping Bolt

With Pad


Long Screw


List of Additional Modification Services

Color Variation

Levers, knobs, and pulls in abundant color variations are now available as standard.
At your service for drawing attention to the area of operation, clarifying operation procedure with different colors, and so on.

Example:Clamp Levers LEM

Example:Plastic Clamp Levers LUDM
(Color Universal Design)

Example:Plastic Miniature Knobs KUDM
(Color Universal Design)

Example:Plastic Pulls UUDF
(Color Universal Design)

This mark indicates that the product has been manufactured with attention to color universal design in order to easily convey visual information to as many people as possible, regardless of any individual differences in color perception; it may be displayed only on products or facilities authorized by CUDO (NPO). Click here for details >

Other products available in a wide variety of colors

Additional Services

To make NBK products compatible with a wider range of applications, various additional standard modifications are available.
Orders of one piece or more can be processed for quick delivery.

Laser Printing

All symbols and text on NBK products are laser printed. This service enhances functional use of NBK products by printing OPEN, CLOSE, arrows, and so on.

Click here for details >

Length Adjustment

Screws can be cut to your desired length in 1mm increments.

Click here for details >

Screw Combination

Lever and knob female thread products are adhered to screws with anaerobic glue, and then fixed with pins.

Click here for details >

Vibration Resistance

Anti-loosening treatments for screws are available. These are beneficial for applications requiring anti-loosening screw operations or sealing. Our anti-loosening treatments save you the trouble of applying adhesive or sealing tape.

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Cleanroom Services

We can wash and pack your products in a cleanroom. This is suggested for products used in FPD production devices, semiconductor manufacturing devices, medical equipment, food and beverage machinery and even products that will be used in cleanrooms.

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Additional Modification for Handwheel Bores

Handwheel bores can be additionally modified. Reduce the time and trouble spent on bore machining. Select from five machining types to suit the application.

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Scale Cutting

Scale plates and stickers can be cut to your desired length in units of millimeters.

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Captive Processing

Screws can be provided with relief cut and fall-out prevention functions originally designed to fix protective and inspection covers that are frequently installed and removed.

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Other special services are also available. Contact our customer service for details.

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