Date Published:Nov. 15. 2022

No. 7: SEMI Standards

About SEMI Standards

SEMI(Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International)is a self-regulatory industry standard widely used around the world in areas including semiconductors, FPD manufacturing, and solar power.
This standard recommends the use of Handles conforming to the Supplier Ergonomic Success Criteria (SESC) standard, in order to create a safe, comfortable, and convenient working environment.

NBK has SEMI standard compliant products.

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Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Part Name U-shaped Pull U-shaped Pull - with Washer
Part Number UNFS-SH UNFS-H-W
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Captive Series Service

NBK has captive series services best suited for CE markings.

Captive Series

Captive Series
Screws will be treated with relief cut and given a captive function.
Best suited for use on panels that frequently open/close for maintenance, etc.

Cleanroom Wash / Cleanroom Packing Service

Cleanroom washing and cleanroom packing can be performed so that items can be used directly in a vacuum chamber or a cleanroom.

Problem Solution Examples by Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

Problem solution examples are introduced by semiconductor manufacturing process.
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Post-process here

"The Semiconductor Industry and NBK" back numbers

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Product Introduction Issue/case studies Safety measures/precautionary measures Elegant functionality/design Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment The Semiconductor Industry and NBK Machine Elements