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High Torque Adapters


Available Area

Japan, the US, Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Europe


  • Useful in locations requiring high torque, as it reduces the rotation speed of EPU-210 (EPU-210) and EPU-220 (EPU-220) to amplify the torque.
  • For mounting to EPU-210 and EPU-220, a collar and hex socket set screws as well as two hex socket head cap screws for mounting to equipment (M4 × 12 mm) are provided.

EOAT-200High Torque Adapters

Dimension Drawing

EOAT-200High Torque Adapters寸法図

Part Number Mass
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EOAT-200-4 359 207.58 Cart
EOAT-200-8 361 207.58 Cart


Main Body ADC12
Acrylic Coating (Matte Black)
Input Shaft SUS304
Output Shaft SUS304
Hex Socket Set Screw SUSXM7
(Supplied Items)
Hex Socket Head Cap Screw
(Supplied Items)


EOAT-200-4 EOAT-200-8
Deceleration Ratio 4 8
Rated Torque 2.7 N・m 5.4 N・m
Output Shaft
Rotational Direction
Same Direction as Input Shaft
Output Shaft
Max. Allowable Load
Radial Load 190 N (10 mm Distance from Mounting Surface)
Thrust Load 155 N
Output Shaft Retention Torque 2.5 N・m*1 5 N・m*1
Backlash 1° or Less
Range of Allowable
Operating Temperature
-5°C to 55°C (no freezing)

*1: Values when mounted on EPU-210 and EPU-220 are for reference only. They are not guaranteed values.

Precautions for Use

Before use, be sure to read the Instruction Manual for EPU-210 (EPU-210) and EPU-220 (EPU-220).

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EOAT-200High Torque Adapters

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EOAT-200High Torque Adapters

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