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Scale Plate (Vertical Type) - Half scale

Hints for Correctly Using NBK Products

The video is an example using FSP-HSR(FSP-HSR). You can perform the same operation using this product.

Dimension Drawing

FSP-V-HSRScale Plates (Vertical Type) - 1/2 Reduced Scale寸法図

Thickness: approximately 0.55 mm

Part Number Mass
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FSP-200V-B-HSR 4.8 4.52 CAD Cart


Main body SUS304


  • Vertical type scale plate scaled down by half.
  • Values of 20/40/60... are displayed on a 10 mm/20 mm/30 mm... scale.
  • By using it in a feed mechanism using double-ended screws to move in both directions, you can read the actual travel distance.
  • As the adhesive tape is provided, you can simply stick it on machines / devices to use.
  • Made of stainless steel. They have excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Corners are rounded. It is hard to remove.

Precautions for Use

  • FSP-V-HSR Use the scale of the Scale Plate as a general guideline.
  • Thoroughly remove oil and dust on the sticking surface before sticking.
  • Avoid use in high-temperature/high-humidity environments, and do not leave moisture or oil adhered to the product. The scale part may peel off.

Usage Example

For reading actual travel distance in feed mechanisms using double-ended screws to move in both directions.
When the left-side table travels 10 mm, the right-side table also travels 10 mm, for a total of 20 mm travel. UsingFSP-V-HSR enables confirmation of this total travel distance.

FSP-V-HSRScale Plate (Vertical Type) - Half scale

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