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Ball Rollers - Hex Head Screw Type


Dimension Drawing

BRUHS-SBall Rollers - Hex Head Screw Type寸法図



M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread

Unit : mm

Part Number Withstand Load (N) M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch L L1 s Db B Mass
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BRUHS-5-S 12 M5 0.8 6 5 1.1 4 8 2.6 17.39 CAD Cart
BRUHS-6-S 14 M6 1 8 6 1.2 4.76 10 4.8 16.96 CAD Cart
BRUHS-8-S 41 M8 1.25 10 7 1.5 5.56 13 10 18.19 CAD Cart
BRUHS-10-S 55 M10 1.5 12 10 2.5 8.73 17 24 19.33 CAD Cart
BRUHS-12-S 62 M12 1.75 15 11 3.5 10.32 19 35 21.24 CAD Cart
BRUHS-16-S 343 M16 2 20 15 5.3 15.87 24 83 28.07 CAD Cart
BRUHS-20-S 412 M20 2.5 25 18 6.3 19.05 30 158 38.42 CAD Cart

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  • Hexagon head screw type ball rollers for upward applications. They can be installed or removed by using a open-ended spanner or ring spanner.
  • You can select from the following main body and main ball combinations:stainless steel, polyacetal, and PEEK.
  • BRUHP-P is intended for applications that require cleanliness, heat resistance, or chemical resistance, such as FPD production equipment and semiconductor devices.
  • BRUHN-N and BRUHP-P have drain holes and are intended for food production lines and other applications that require cleaning.
  • BRUHS has a small coefficient of friction and can move workpiece with less force.


Main Body SUS304
Main Ball SUS440C(Hardness 55HRC or Higher)
Sub Ball SUS440C(Hardness 55HRC or Higher)
Spacer SUS304


FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices, food production lines, and packaging lines

Precautions for Use

  • BRUHS is for upward applications only. If it used for downward or sideward applications, the product may be damaged or the ball may malfunction.
  • BRUHN-N and BRUHP-P can be used in upward, downward, and sideward facing applications.

Starting coefficient of friction measurement

A heavy object of the max withstand load is loaded on 3 ball rollers. The force to move the heavy object was measured with a push gauge, and the starting coefficient of friction μ was calculated.

BRUHS-SBall Rollers - Hex Head Screw Type

Part Number Starting Coefficient of
Friction μ
BRUHS-S(Main Body and Main Ball:Stainless Steel) 0.03
BRUHS-N(Main Body:Stainless Steel/ Main Ball:Polyacetal) 0.04
BRUHN-N(Main Body and Main Ball:Polyacetal) 0.08
BRUHP-P(Main Body and Main Ball:PEEK) 0.08

Values in chart are from actual measurements in testing.They are not guaranteed values.

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