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Ball Joint (Female Screw 2-Hole) - Bolt Mounting


Dimension Drawing

DFKWF-AFBall Joint (Female Screw 2-Hole) - Bolt Mounting寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number M*1 d Tightening Torque *2
Fixing Hex Socket Head Cap Screw
Tightening Torque Reference Value
Ball With Screw
Retention Torque *3
Max. Load Weight
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DFKWF-60-M6-AF-M4 4 5 5.2 3 10 10 950 66.86 CAD Cart
DFKWF-60-M6-AF-M5 5 6 5.2 3 10 10 950 66.86 CAD Cart
DFKWF-60-M6-AF-M6 6 7 5.2 3 10 10 950 66.86 CAD Cart
DFKWF-60-M6-AF-M8 8 9 5.2 3 10 10 950 66.86 CAD Cart

*1: Mounting bolts are not supplied.
*2: Screw tightening torque of the screw with ball.
*3: Retention torque is the value indicated when the hex socket head cap screw is tightening to the torque indicated.


Ball Case A6063
Screw with ball S45C
Trivalent Chromate Treatment
Fixing Hex Socket Head Cap Screw
Ferrosoferric Oxide Film
Fixing plate SS400
Electrostatic Coating


  • A positioning component utilizing a ball screw. Mount the workpiece to the screw at the ball tip for use.
  • The screw with ball can be tilted by ±15° and rotated in any direction within 360°.
  • By tightening the fixing hex socket head cap screw, securely retain the angle after adjustment.
  • Can be mounted on aluminum frames, wall panels and sheet metal.


Machine tool / Medical equipment / FPD production device / Semiconductor manufacturing device / Packing machine / Food machinery

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