Date Published:May. 27. 2014

Secure Workpiece Easily and Reliably Introducing "Clamping Screws with Eccentric Head"

Hints for correctly using NBK products: Clamping Screws with Eccentric Head


The wedge effect achieves a large clamping force

When the screw is tightened, the workpiece is strongly clamped by the head, which is decentered from the shaft center of the screw.
The wedge effect creates a large clamping force with low tightening torque.

The screw has a hexalobular socket that can withstand high tightening torque.

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Two surface treatments are available as standard

ferrosoferric oxide coating:SLEC-ASLEC-B
electroless nickel plating:SLEC-A-ELSLEC-B-EL

Types of Clamping Screws with Eccentric Head

Two types of clamping screws with eccentric head are available as standard.

Standard Type

For fixing linear guideway rails and workpieces and tools.

Guide Type

The precision-processed guide provides increased durability when clamping .
For fixing heavier workpieces and jigs

Usage Examples

Fixing Linear Guideway Rails

Fixing Workpieces and Jigs

Advantages of using linear guideway rails

  • Simple machining
    Eccentric head clamping screw holes can be easily drilled, making complicated work unnecessary. Minimizes the amount of mounting space required.

  • Reduces mounting time
    Unlike methods using C-shaped clamps, the entire rail can be mounted and pressed to a reference surface simply by tightening the clamping screws with eccentric head, enabling quick work. Simultaneously, any warp in the rail is corrected, making it possible to achieve accuracy easily without misalignment occurring when securing the fixing bolts of the rail main body.

  • Maintains long-term accuracy
    Pressing with clamping screws with eccentric head enables mounting accuracy to be maintained by suppressing the warping and misalignment caused by long-term use.
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