Date Published:May. 10. 2020

Solving common issues with Machine Tools(Machining Center)

Introducing improvements to precision and countermeasures for emergencies as required when designing machining centers.

01.Monitors need to be movable in accordance with the worker's height or the nature of the work

Available display mounting systems include adjustable angle type and options for various mounting locations

Adjust the monitor position freely.

Display Device Mounting Systems   Mounting Systems for Display

02.For ATC/tool magazine revolving shaft connections

High rigidity couplings should be used

A wide variety of rigid couplings is available. Customization is also available.

Rigid Couplings  Rigid Type

03.Linear guideways must be more easily fixed

Screws can be fixed easily and with high precision simply by tightening

The workpiece is strongly clamped by the head, which is decentered from the shaft center of the screw.

Clamping Screws with Eccentric Head   SLEC

04.Screws fixing protective and maintenance covers must not fall out

Part fallout when attaching/ removing covers should be prevented

Screws structured not to fall out of covers are available. Also ideal for CE Marking compatibility.

Captive Screws  SSC

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