Date Published:May. 10. 2020

Solving common issues with Machine Tools(Lathe / Multi-tasking Machine)

Introducing improvements to precision and countermeasures for emergencies as required when designing lathes and composite machine tools.

01.Main door and operation panel knob operability must be improved

Easily gripped, well-designed knobs are available. Customization is also available.

Pulls  UNFS

02.Error tolerance is required for feed shaft and ball screw shaft cores

Couplings tolerant of shaft core error (misalignment) and with high torque transmission are available.

Jaw Couplings  MJC

03.Screws fixing protective and maintenance covers must not fall out

Part fallout when attaching/ removing covers should be prevented

Screws structured not to fall out of covers are available. Also ideal for CE Marking compatibility.

Captive Screws  SSC

Issue/case studies Improved productivity/workability Safety measures/precautionary measures Vibration prevention/high precision High strength/high rigidity Elegant functionality/design Machine Tools Solution samples Couplings Special Screws Machine Elements