Date Published:May. 10. 2020

Improvement points for FA Devices【Drive Design】

Introducing points for improvement of the performance of the drive design of transport devices, packaging machinery, etc.

Hunting countermeasures for operation with high servomotor gain

Couplings with excellent damping performance should be used▶

Couplings with excellent damping performance should be used(Long actuator)▶

High torque transmission/high-precision positioning

High-rigidity couplings should be used to improve torque transmission▶

High rigidity disk couplings should be used▶

Drive control in vacuum environments

PEEK couplings with good insulation properties should be used▶

PEEK spacer type Oldham couplings are ideal▶

Highly sanitary, corrosion-resistant properties needed

We have an inventory of RoHS compliant couplings▶

Countermeasures for large misalignment

High-torque, long-term maintenance free metal spacer types should be used▶

Reduced spring constant variability, improved positioning accuracy

Freely designable slit-machined parts should be used▶

Multi-functional components for suppressing spring constant variability are available▶

Issue/case studies Improved productivity/workability Safety measures/precautionary measures Vibration prevention/high precision Heat resistance/corrosion resistance Cleanroom/vacuum/non-magnetic FA Devices Solution samples Couplings