Date Published:Apr. 23. 2021

Webinar: How can we speed up and reduce the cost of the Motion Control System with Shaft Couplings?

How can replacing your current shaft couplings to improve your industrial productivity and reduce the cost?
You can speed-up your Servo-system by using NBK’s XG-series couplings.
Current servo-motor performance has been increasing dramatically but typically one needs to suppress the servomotor’s performance to avoid hunting (resonance). This is because standard couplings cannot absorb the vibration enough thereby disallowing one to utilize the maximum high spec servomotor’s performance.
NBK’s XG series couplings can solve this problem.

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Product Introduction Improved productivity/workability Vibration prevention/high precision High strength/high rigidity Machine Tools Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Food Machinery Automotive Manufacturing Process Medical Equipment FA Devices Video Library Couplings