Cleanroom Wash & Packaging Service(Screw)

Service Details

  • With this service,®products
    are cleanroom washed and cleanroom packed.
  • Intended for products in FPD production equipment,
    semiconductor devices, medical instruments, and
    food industry machines, as well as products used
    in a clean room.

Cleanroom Washing

  • Products are washed in a washing room with a cleanliness class of 10000.
  • Cleanliness is managed by checking the number of airborne particles and microbes every five minutes.
  • Able to choose USC ultrasonic cleaning or IPA IPA cleaning to suit your product.

Cleanroom Packaging

  • Cleanroom washed products are double vacuum packed on a clean bench in a clean room.

  • The cleanliness classes of the clean room and the clean bench used for packing are class 500 and class 10, respectively.

Cleanroom Wash & Packaging Processes

  • USC Ultrasonic Cleaning (for Materials Which Do Not Rust Easily, Such as Stainless Steel)

  • IPA IPA Cleaning (for Materials Which Rust Easily, Such as Iron)

Applicable Products

  • At the bottom of the product page, Available at Extra Fee message is indicated. of applicable product are indicated.

  • Products withthe Cleanroom wash & packaging icon at the top of the product page are already cleanroom washed and cleanroom packed. The washing method is USC ultrasonic cleaning.
  • The applicable size for one cleanroom washing and cleanroom packaging is 250mm×300mm×100mm (height) or less.
  • Also, this service is available for products not listed in this catalog with your specified washing and packing methods.

When placing an order

When applying lot the Individual Sales Service, add -VA to the end of the part number, and specify the order quantity. Be aware that if -VA is not added to the end of the part number, the product is shipped in pack units.