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  • Oldham Type


Flexible Couplings - Oldham Type - Clamping Type

  • High Torque
  • High Allowable Misalignment

Dimension Drawing

MOR-CFlexible Couplings - Oldham Type - Clamping Type寸法図

Part Number ALWEFGM Screw Tightening
Torque (N・m)
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MOR-26C-5/16-14 26 9.7 30.4 14.2 4.9 9.5 M3 1.5 38.19 CAD Cart

Part Number Max. Bore Diameter
Max. Torque
Max. Rotational Frequency
Moment of
Max. Lateral Misalignment
Max. Angular
(g) *2
MOR-26C-5/16-14 14 6 12 24000 2.5×10-6 300 1.5 3 24

*1: Values with no load fluctuation and rotation in a single direction. If there is large load fluctuation, or both normal and reverse rotation, select a size with some margin. If ambient temperature exceeds 30°C, be sure to correct the rated torque and max. torque with temperature correction factor shown in the following table. The allowable operating temperature of MOR-C is -20°C to 80°C.

The shaft's slip torque may be smaller than the coupling's rated torque depending on the shaft bore. ⇒Slip torque

*2: These are values with max. bore diameter.

Slip torque

As in the table below, the clamping type MOR-C has different slip torque according to the bore diameter. Take care during selection.

Unit : N・m

Part Number Bore Diameter
3 4 5 6 6.35 8 9.525 10 12 14 15 16 18 20 22 25 28 30 35
MOR-12C 0.8 1.9 2.4
MOR-15C 2.3 3.5 4.8
MOR-17C 2.7 3.6 4
MOR-20C 3.7 4.2 4.3 5.7 6.1
MOR-26C 4 6.4 9.3 11
MOR-30C 7.5 13 13 17 20
MOR-34C 16 18 23 30
MOR-38C 19 20 24 30 34 37 38
MOR-45C 34 41 42 44 48
MOR-55C 73 75 88
MOR-68C 100 100 100 100 110 110

These are test values based on the conditions of shaft dimensional allowance: h7, hardness: 34-40 HRC, and screw tightening torque of the values described in MOR-C dimension tables. They are not guaranteed values.
Slip torque changes with usage conditions. Carry out tests under conditions similar to actual conditions in advance.

Ambient Temperature / Temperature Correction Factor

Ambient Temperature Temperature Correction Factor
-20℃ to 30℃ 1.00
30℃ to 40℃ 0.80
40℃ to 60℃ 0.70
60℃ to 80℃ 0.55


Set Screw Type


MOR/MOR-C/MOR-K/MOR-CK_CFlexible Couplings - Oldham Type

Clamping Type


MOR/MOR-C/MOR-K/MOR-CK_CFlexible Couplings - Oldham Type

Set Screws + Key Type


MOR/MOR-C/MOR-K/MOR-CK_CFlexible Couplings - Oldham Type

Clamping + Key Type


MOR/MOR-C/MOR-K/MOR-CK_CFlexible Couplings - Oldham Type


Hub A2017
Spacer Polyacetal
Hex Socket Set Screw SCM435
Ferrosoferric Oxide Film (Black)
Hex Socket Head Cap Screw SCM435
Ferrosoferric Oxide Film (Black)


  • Applicable Motor
Servomotor -
Stepping Motor -
General-purpose Motor

◎: Excellent ○: Very good

  • Property
High Torque
Allowable Misalignment
Small Eccentric Reaction Force
Electrical Insulation
Allowable Operating Temperature -20℃ to 80℃

◎: Excellent ○: Very good

  • This is an oldham type flexible coupling.
  • Slippage of hubs and a spacer allows large eccentricity and angular misalignment to be accepted.
  • The eccentric reaction generated by misalignment is small and the burden on the shaft is reduced.
  • The simple structure allows the unit to be easily assembled.


Sputtering device / Parts feeder / Industrial sewing machine / Amusement device

Precautions for Use

In case of mounting on D-cut shaft, be careful about the position of the D-cut surface of the shaft. ⇒Mounting and Maintenance
There are sizes where the hex socket head bolt exceeds the outer diameter of the coupling and the rotating diameter is larger than the outer diameter. Please be careful of the interference of coupling. Rotation Diameter


Selection Based on Shaft Diameter and Rated Torque

The area bounded by the shaft diameter and rated torque indicates the selection size.

MOR/MOR-C/MOR-K/MOR-CK_CFlexible Couplings - Oldham Type

MOR/MOR-C/MOR-K/MOR-CK_CFlexible Couplings - Oldham Type

Selection Example

In case of selected parameters of shaft diameter of φ 6 and load torque of 0.3 N•m, the selected size is MOR-15.

Comparison of Rated Torque

MOR-CFlexible Couplings - Oldham Type - Clamping Type

Chemical resistance of the spacer (Polyacetal)

Weather Resistance Slight Change in Color
Weak Acid Resistance Minor Effect
Strong Acid Resistance Effect
Weak Alkali Resistance Minor Effect
Strong Alkali Resistance Minor Effect
Organic Solvent Resistance Includes Resistance

Physical property of the spacer (Polyacetal)

Test Method unit Polyacetal
Density ISO 1183 g/cm3 1.36
Water Absorption
(23°C, Dipped for 24 hr)
ISO 62 % 0.7
Tensile Strength ISO 527-1, 2 N/mm2 52
Bending Strength ISO 178 N/mm2 72
Charpy Impact Strength
(with Notch)
ISO 179 / 1eA kJ/m2 5.9
Deflection Temperature Under Load
ISO 75-1, 2 °C 85
Insulation Breakdown Strength
IEC 60243-1 kV/mm 20
Volume Resistivity IEC 60093 Ω·cm 1 x 1014
Combustibility UL94 - HB

Eccentric Reaction Force

MOR/MOR-C/MOR-K/MOR-CK_TTechnical Information

These are initial slippage load values of hubs and a spacer.
After running-in operation, the slippage load becomes small, the load on the shaft due to misalignment becomes lowered, and the burden on the shaft bearing is reduced.

MOR/MOR-C/MOR-K/MOR-CK_TTechnical Information

Change in static torsional stiffness due to temperature

This is a value under the condition where the static torsional stiffness at 20°C is 100%.
Changes in the static torsion spring constant within the operating temperature are shown in the graph.
Before using the unit, be aware of the deterioration of responsiveness.

MOR/MOR-C/MOR-K/MOR-CK_TTechnical Information

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