Date Published:Feb. 12. 2020

The Wireless Positioning Unit dramatically improves setup work

The Wireless Positioning Unit dramatically improves setup work

Wireless Positioning Units solve your positioning problems

Now available! Wireless Positioning Units

Instead of manual handle operation, our units enable automatic positioning.
A transceiver can control up to 32 units simultaneously.
This dramatically reduces setup work time.

PLC compatible  IP65 Dust-proof, water-proof, thin type

Advantages of Wireless Positioning Units

1.Improved productivity with reduced setup time!

*Where 10 positionings are made 10 times a day.

2.Easily replaces handles!

Additional work is not required when replacing handles.
Enables automation to commence right away.
Has a thinner form than a handle + indicator, contributing to space-savings!

3.Reduced wiring due to wireless communication!

The unit's operation commands are sent wirelessly. Communication cables are not required and installation in locations that would be difficult to run wires is possible!

※The unit's can also be controlled wirelessly.
※Power cables are wired.

Overcome your Challenges!Case Studies

Here we introduce 4 case studies detailing how the Wireless Positioning Unit solves all kinds of problems.

Reducing the time of setup work on a hi-mix production line

Total time needed for setup is reduced by automating manual positioning work that comes up frequently when changing models.

Automate dangerous work in high locations

Dangerous work with risk of falling, such as moving lights in high locations or opening and closing windows,
can be avoided with remote operation from a safe location via wireless communication.

Eliminating setup errors due to manual operations

Registering a positioning setting pattern to the dedicated software reduces damage to products from setup errors due to manual operations.

Improving efficiency in difficult to work locations

Automating work in low locations or narrow spaces improves efficiency while reducing the load on the operator.

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