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Low profile screwdrivers for extremely limited access spaces

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Hints for Correctly Using NBK Products

The video is an example using SKND(SKND). You can perform the same operation using this product.

Dimension Drawing

SKND-PHLow Profile Screwdrivers for Extremely Limited Access Spaces寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number Cross-Recessed Nominal Number L Qty per Pack Mass
SKND-PH1 1 10 1 26 12.61 CAD Cart


Body Plate Carbon Steel
Electroless Nickel Plating
Bit Retaining Bracket Carbon Tool Steel
Electroless Nickel Plating
Bit Alloy Steel
Chrome Plating *1

*1: SKND-PH0 has electroless nickel plating.


Attaching and removing screws in limited access spaces of equipment, devices, and vehicles


  • Thin screwdriver with a cross-recessed socket and plate-shaped handle.
  • Can be used in limited access spaces.
  • Usable in spaces where regular screwdrivers/wrenches cannot be used, it helps reduce work hours for removing peripheral components, etc.
  • Required working space is decreased, so device/equipment structure can also be made more compact.
  • Pressing the handle with fingers helps prevent cam-out.

Precautions for Use

  • Do not use for any applications other than for turning screws.
  • Do not use in locations exposed to live wires, as it is made of metal.
  • Use a bit that matches the recess shape of the screw.
  • Always observe the usage method on this page.


Take a firm grasp on the handle for use.
For cross-recessed sockets, press manually while working to prevent cam-out from occurring.

SKND-PHLow Profile Screwdrivers for Extremely Limited Access Spaces

Stable work can be achieved when there is working space above the screw by pressing on the bit.

SKND-PHLow Profile Screwdrivers for Extremely Limited Access Spaces

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