Date Published:Jul. 08. 2016

NBK Machine Elements: Endless Possibilities

Operating PC tablets and LCD monitors at production sites

  • NBK Display Mounting Systems allow tablets and monitors to be mounted on various areas of your equipment.
  • We can design custom mounting systems to meet the specifications of your display systems.
Product Name
Display Mounting Systems

Preventing the loss of cover/panel screws

  • Knobs with a captive function prevent knob/screw loss even when a cover or panel is removed from a frame. The captive function prevents knobs from becoming detached from covers and panels.
Product Code Product Name
KDMS-SC Captive Dimple Knob
KNM-SC Captive Knurled Knob
KUM-SC Captive Knurled Knob
  • Standard captive screws are also available.

Prevent pulls from falling off equipment such as food production and packaging machinery

  • Use Captive Pull UNMS-SC to avoid the trouble of fixing pulls with welding, etc.
  • Use Captive Washer for Pulls LYSC-N to prevent the fallout of mounting screws.

Product Code Product Name
UNMS-SC Captive Pull
LYSC-N Captive Washer for Pulls
LYSC-N-SCC Captive Washer for Pull (with Captive Screw)

Ball plunger selection made easy

  • Our Mini Ball Plunger PAF / PAFS Series has a wide product offering in both steel and stainless steel specifications. Unlimited combinations of the specifications below are available.
Size Material Load Type Vibration Resistant Treatment
M3 - M16 Made of Steel
Made of Stainless Steel
Light Load
Heavy Load
Super Heavy Load
Product Code Product Name
Miniature Ball Plunger(Steel)
PAFS Miniature Ball Plunger
(Stainless Steel)

  • Special ball plungers can also be manufactured, modifying specifications such as overall length, shape, screw diameter, and load. Please specify the following conditions when you contact us.
    • Type… Ball type/ or pin type(Please inform us if you intend to add a spacer for the ball type)
    • Shape/Dimension… Nominal diameter of thread, screw pitch, thread length,ball or pin diameter, stroke, overall length
    • Load… Minimum(initial) load/maximum load
    • Material/Finish… Main unit, ball/pin, spring
    • Vibration Resistant Treatment… Required/Not required
    • Operating Conditions… Temperature, atmosphere, service life, etc.

Design options for improved organization

  • Levers, knobs, and pulls are available in a variety of colors. Use color to indicate different operational procedures, making them clearer to understand.

  • Product series with diverse color variations
Product Code Product Name
Plastic Clamp Lever - Miniature Type
Plastic Clamp Lever
Plastic Miniature Knob
Plastic Wing Knob
UUDF Plastic Pull

  • By using our laser engraving service to add code/character information to NBK products, operating procedures can be made easily distinguishable.

Products conforming to SEMI standards

  • NBK offers many products which conform to SEMI standard Section 6: Handle Design.
    SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) is a self-regulatory industry standard widely used around the world in areas including semiconductor, FPD manufacturing, and solar power-related industries. This standard recommends the use of handles conforming to the Supplier Ergonomic Success Criteria (SESC) standard, in order to create a safe, comfortable, and convenient working environment.
Product Code Product name
KRM Dimple Knob
PB Plastic Ball Knob
UNF U-shaped Pull

Immediate use of hand-wheels

  • For handwheels requiring additional modification of the shaft hole, we offer an additional shaft hole modification service. These handwheels can be mounted immediately upon receipt of the product.
  • There are four processing types. Please select a desirable service according to your application.

Related Service
Handle Shaft Hole Processing Services

Left-threaded levers/knobs

  • Use our screw combination service to combine a left-threaded screw adaptor and your desired lever or knob, creating a left-threaded lever or knob perfect for your application.
  • Usage example:
    In situations which levers or knobs are tightened with both hands, operability can be increased by making one side left-threaded.
Related Service
Screw Combination Service

Various 'custom' services

Service examples

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