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Washer - SUS310S


  • Cleanroom Specification
  • Heat-resistance
  • Chemical-proof

Dimension Drawing

SWAJ-FHex Socket Head Cap Screws - SUS310S寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number Nominal d D t Mass
SWAJ-3-F 3 3.2 7 0.5 0.12 10.14 CAD Cart
SWAJ-4-F 4 4.3 9 0.8 0.31 8.98 CAD Cart
SWAJ-5-F 5 5.3 10 1 0.45 8.98 CAD Cart
SWAJ-6-F 6 6.5 13 1 0.79 0.96 CAD Cart
SWAJ-8-F 8 8.5 18 1.5 2.4 1.55 CAD Cart
SWAJ-10-F 10 10.5 22 1.5 3.5 1.81 CAD Cart

● Batch cleanroom packing is provided for orders containing multiple items of the same size.


Main Body SUS310S


FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices, nitric acid plants, and aquatic applications


  • Compared to SUS304, SUS310S has excellent heat resistance, oxidation resistance, and nitric acid resistance compared to SUS304.
  • Austenitic series stainless steel with high Ni content, which is effective for corrosion resistance and high temperature characteristics.
  • Use in combination with SNSJSocket Head Cap Screw (SUS310S)SNSJ
  • Cleanroom wash and cleanroom packing are completed.⇒Cleanroom Wash / Cleanroom Packing Service

Physical Property

Specific Gravity 7.98
Heat Resistance Temperature*1(℃) 700
Electric Resistance(μΩ・m) 0.78
Specific Heat(J/kg・K) 500
Thermal Conductivity(W/(m・K)) 14
Linear Expansion Coefficient(K-1 15.9×10-6

*1: This is the heat resistance temperature of the SUS310S material.
Values in chart are for reference only. They are not guaranteed values.
When heated to 700 deg C, tensile strength drops approximately 60% and proof stress drops approximately 40%.
Make sure to carry out tests under the same condition of actual use in advance to confirm safety.

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength(N/mm2 520 or Higher
0.2% Proof Stress(N/mm2 205 or Higher
Elongation(%) 40 or Higher
Hardness(HRB) 90 or Less

Values in chart are for reference only. They are not guaranteed values.

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