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Ball Rollers with Spring Plunger Function

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Dimension Drawing

BRPMS-SBall Roller with Spring Plunger Function - Flange Type寸法図



M (Fine)
Nominal of Thread

Unit : mm

Part Number M (Fine)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch L s L1 L2 L3 D1 D Db P Applicable Wrench Load (N)
Qty per Pack Mass
BRPMS-16-S M16 1.5 14 1.5 1.5 9 1.5 19 13.5 5.56 15.4 BRW-10 23 / 30 1 18 31.13 CAD Cart
BRPMS-20-S M20 1.5 17 2.5 1.5 10 2 24 16.5 8.73 18.5 BRW-12 24 / 38 1 30 34.74 CAD Cart
BRPMS-24-S M24 1.5 21.5 3.5 1.5 12 2 28 20.5 10.32 24 BRW-16 24 / 55 1 54 39.59 CAD Cart

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Main Body SUS304
Main Ball SUS440C(Hardness 55HRC or Higher)
Sub Ball SUS440C(Hardness 55HRC or Higher)
Spacer SUS304
Casing SUS304
Spring SUS631J1


Conveyance, fixing and locating work, torque limiting, and indexing


  • These are flange type ball rollers with spring plunger function.
  • The attachment height can be easily determined.
  • Install and remove by using BRW Specialty Wrench.
  • Their internal springs receive loads evenly even when the load is unbalanced.
  • These rollers can also be used as a general spring plunger with ball for fixing and locating workpiece. The smooth rotation of the ball reduces friction between the main ball and receiving side.

Precautions for Use

  • These ball rollers are for upward applications only. If it is used for downward and sideward applications, the product may be damaged or the ball may malfunction.
  • The bottom section moves the stroke distance of the main ball. Take care with the depth of the attachment hole.

BRPMS-SBall Roller with Spring Plunger Function - Flange Type

Dedicated Wrench

BRPMS-SBall Rollers with Spring Plunger Function

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