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Available Area

Japan, the US, Canada, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Europe

This item is not available in Mexico due to the Radio Act.
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  • EPU-220 (EPU-220) dedicated transceiver.
  • With a PLC and CC-Link connection, up to 32 EPU-220 units can be used with simultaneous automated control.
  • Configuration of EPC-200-CC can be easily performed with a PC and dedicated software EPU-COM. EPU-COM is available free of charge. Please download from the NBK website.
  • A PC connection USB cable (length: 1 m) is provided.
  • Use a DIN rail foot to enable mounting to DIN rails with one touch.*1

*1: If operating wirelessly, avoid installing the control panel inside a metal housing. This will degrade wireless performance.
CC-Link is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

Dimension Drawing

EPC-200-CCTransceivers - CC-Link Compliant寸法図

Part Number Mass
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EPC-200-CC 131 550.39 Cart


Main Body Polyamide (Light Gray)
DIN Rail Foot Steel
Trivalent Chromate Treatment

Only takes two minutes to understand!Wireless Positioning Units Installation/Connection Method


Hook the pawl at the top (②) of the transceiver to the top of the DIN rail (35 mm wide) (①).

Press the DIN rail foot (③) onto the DIN rail until it clicks.

EPC-200-CCTransceivers - CC-Link Compliant


Use a flathead screwdriver or the like to pull down the DIN rail foot (①).
Lift and remove the transceiver. Or slide it on the DIN rail to remove it.

EPC-200-CCTransceivers - CC-Link Compliant


Power Source Voltage 24 VDC ±10% (External Power Supply)
5 VDC ±5% (USB Power Supply)
Current Consumption 30 mA
Host Connection Method PLC: CC-Link Ver.2.00*1
PC: USB 2.0
Connection Method
Wireless 2.4 GHz Band Wireless Communication
Wired RS-485 (2-wire type)
Wireless Reach Distance
(Reference Value)
Indoors 60 m
Outdoors 1200 m
Maximum No. of Connections 32 Units
Temperature -5°C to 55°C (no freezing)
Humidity 20% RH to 85% RH (no condensation)

*1: EPC-200-CC is remote device station equipment compliant with CC-Link Ver. 2.00. It is not compliant with CC-Link Ver. 1.10.

Declarations of Conformity

The CE Declaration of Conformity can be downloaded here. (https://www.nbk1560.com/products/mechatronics/positioning_unit/download/epc-200-cc-doc/)

Precautions for Use

  • For details on the connection and setting methods, please refer to the Instruction Manual. Be sure to read the "Safety Precautions" and "Precautions on Radio Wave and EMC" in the Instruction Manual before use.
    The Instruction Manual can be downloaded from the NBK website.
  • Countries and regions where this product is available are Japan, the US, Canada, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Europe.
    When used in combination with other products or with the customer's existing systems, equipment, etc., confirm independently that it is compliant with the standards, laws, and/or regulations of the country of use.

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