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Mounting Plates for High Torque Adapters

Available Area

Japan, the US, Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Europe


  • A dedicated adapter plate for use with the high torque adapter EOAT-200 (EOAT-200).
  • If replacing the digital position indicator and handle attached to a machine with EPU-210 or EPU-220, use the positioning pin hole for the the digital position indicator of the machine as-is to mount a high torque adapter.

EOTAP-200Mounting Plates for High Torque Adapters

Dimension Drawing

EOTAP-200Mounting Plates for High Torque Adapters寸法図


Part Number Mass
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EOTAP-200 33 27.85 Cart


Plate Aluminum Alloy
Positioning Pin Aluminum Alloy

Precautions for Use

For mounting methods, refer to the Instruction Manual for EPU-210 (EPU-210) and EPU-220 (EPU-220).

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