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Downward Ball Rollers - Tap Hole Type

Dimension Drawing

BRDTDownward Ball Rollers - Tap Hole Type寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number D1 L s Db M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch h P Withstand Load (N) Qty per Pack Mass
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BRDT-24 24 24 5 15.88 M4 0.7 6 16 900 1 78 72.04 CAD Cart
BRDT-30 30 28 6 19.05 M5 0.8 6 20 1100 1 142 78.70 CAD Cart
BRDT-38 38 37 8 25.4 M6 1 8 26 1200 1 305 89.89 CAD Cart


  • These ball rollers can be used in downward and sideward applications such as with casters of push carts for transport.
  • The dustproof seal prevents the ingress of dirt and dust.
  • The body, main ball, and sub-balls are made of steel. These rollers have excellent durability.
  • Because they are fixed using screw holes in the body section, they can be attached to thin plates.

BRDTDownward Ball Rollers - Tap Hole Type


Main Body S45C
Electroless Nickel Plating
Main Ball SUJ2(Hardness 55HRC or Higher)
Sub Ball SUJ2(Hardness 55HRC or Higher)
Strike Plate SCM415(Hardness 50 HRC or Higher)
Dustproof Seal Felt


FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices,
food production lines, and packaging lines

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