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High Strength Stainless Steel SEMS Cap Screws
with/without Ventilation Hole



  NBK standardized a new “High Strength Stainless Steel SEMS Caps Screws”.
In recent years, the Semiconductor Industry has required productivity improvement due to the global spreading EV, increasing demands of Data Center, IoT, 5G Communication, not only Smart Phones, PC, FPD.
In the pre-process of semiconductor manufacturing, the stronger fasteners are required because the environment has higher temperatures and higher vacuum conditions. In addition, one needs to avoid the screw seating surface subsidence and screw loosening due to the dramatical heat cycles of the manufacturing process and the temperature changing range has become bigger.
Also, high chemical resistance is required for using the high-concentrated corrosive gas/chemicals.
However, the current stainless steel such as A2-70 grade (Tensile strength 700 MPa / 101,500 PSI) is not enough anymore for the required strength and corrosion resistance.
* Also, the flat washers for SEMS are harder (300-400 HV) than common SEMS flat washers.
Then, we can expect that NBK’s new product: High Strength Stainless Steel SEMS Caps Screws can be used in the above environment because of their higher-strength 1,000 MPa / 145,000 PSI, and its material Stainless Steel 316L that allows higher-corrosion resistance than A2 stainless steel.
Furthermore, it enables lighter weight for various equipment by saving screw usage quantity due to its higher strength than common stainless steel.
There are the following four series of High Strength Stainless Steel Caps Screws.
(PC: 1000 patterns, PLC: 100 patterns, EPU210 manual operation: 11 patterns)
SVSQLG:with ventilation hole and washers
SVSLG:with ventilation hole, without washers
SNSQLG:without ventilation, with washers
SNSLG:without ventilation hole and washers

Please try NBK’s high-strength stainless steel screw series!


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