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Engineering Tips

NBK’s New Flexible Shaft Couplings:
Spiral Slit Type



NBK standardized a brand-new Spiral Slit Coupling: MSH series.
Using spiral slits allows one to absorb bigger misalignment.
Especially, they have achieved allowing angular misalignment as 5 deg (max).
The couplings’ outside diameter variation has six patterns: 8mm(0.315”), 13mm(0.512”), 16mm(0.630”), 20mm(0.788”), 26mm(1.024”), 32mm(1.260”).
The bore line up covers a wide variety of inch and metric sizes. Of course, we can customize them upon request.

MSH series has zero backlash. Therefore, they are suitable for motion control applications. However, the allowable torques depend on each bore size and rotational direction so please confirm them in our catalogs or website for more details.

In case of applications with small misalignment and requiring precise motion control, the Anti-Vibration Type: XG series are the best.

Furthermore, we have Full customized Machined Spring Parts: Flexus® that also utilize our spiral slit techniques.
We promptly design required loads and stroke and suggest the most suitable material so that it can match with each required environment.

Please feel free to ask us if you have questions or are interested in learning more.

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