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Engineering Tips

NBK’s Various Machine Components
help your machine/equipment



NBK’s Machine Components support many applications such as Machine Tools, Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, Food Machines, Vehicle Manufacturing Processes, Medical Equipment, Factory Automation Equipment, and more.
Using the various color options of Levers, Knobs, and Pulls, one can sort their industrial processes, causing less confusion.
Also, some Levers have captive washers, and they help tightening and positioning on soft materials that deforms easily such as Plastics and Aluminum parts.
Furthermore, the Scale Plates/Stickers are useful for positioning with Clamp Levers like the following.

The Clamping Screws/Bolts can fix tools more precisely due to the installed flexible moving balls into the thread part. There are Spherical type, Flat type, and Anti-Turn Over type, and Jagged Surface type that has high friction.

Ball/Pin Plungers are mechanical parts that help fixing and positioning of your work pieces.
Those have springs inside, and the balls/pins sink into the body when the loads are applied and go back to the original location by spring force when their loads are release.
Ball Plungers are suitable for sliding unit positioning because the balls can sink with horizontal direction not only vertical direction.
Pin Plungers have durability against vertical direction loads after the positioning because of their longer strokes when compared to Ball Plungers.
We have more various mechanical parts that can solve customer’s problems.
Furthermore, many services such as thread cutting, assembling of Levers/Knobs and Screws, cutting bores, square holes, keyways for Handles, Laser Marking, and more.
Please contact us with your needs.

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