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Engineering Tips

NBK’s New Product: ASTM / UNS N06210 (MAT21®)
Screws for High Corrosion Resistance



NBK standardized a new socket head cap screw product “SNSMT” series that is made of alloy ASTM/UNS N06210(MAT21®*1).
MAT21® is a Nickel-based alloy that is defined in ASTM/UNS N06210 and it has great anti-corrosion performance against both oxidizing and reducibility by adding Cr, Mo and Ta.
The opportunities of using more severe corrosive gasses and chemicals in semiconductor manufacturing equipment has been high functionality in recent years. Then the Hastelloy®*2/Inconel®*2 that have been used for high corrosion may not be acceptable.
However, NBK’s “SNSMT” series can be used due in such severe environments because the screws have greater anti-corrosion properties than the aforementioned materials as can be confirmed.

These screws are cleaned and vacuum-packed so one can install them without needing to clean them by oneself.
Furthermore, NBK has more great anti-corrosion material screws such as “SNSH” series made of Hastelloy®(equiv.), “SNSI” series made of Inconel®(equiv.), “SNSMN” series made of Monel®*3 400, “SNHDS” series made of duplex Stainless Steel and “SCX” series made of Ceramic as standard products so we suggest the best products for each customers’ based on the chemicals they use. In addition, we can customize other materials that we have not standardized so please feel free to contact us.
*1: MAT21® is a registered trademark of Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
*2: Hastelloy® and Inconel® are registered trademark of Haynes International, Inc.
*3: Monel®400 is a registered trademarks of Special Metals Corporation.

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