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Engineering Tips

You can find the most suitable coupling
for your application.
Please use NBK’s “Product Finder”!



You can find the most suitable couplings in NBK’s bountiful lineup easily by using NBK’s Product Finder.
The Product Finder is on the left side of the product’s page, and you can sort via two methods.

1) Sort by “Torque・Bore Diameter”     2) Sort by “Actuators”

1) Sort by “Torque・Bore Diameter”
You can find conducive couplings sorting by usage torque, coupling outside diameter/length, shaft fixing method, motor types, and additional coupling features.

The coupling’s features indicate required capabilities for each customer’s application such as Zero-Backlash, High-Gain, High-Torque, High-Torsional Stiffness, Electric Isolation, Heat Resistance, etc.
NBK offers the widest lineup of couplings among all coupling makers, thereby enabling use for ones to various applications.

2) Sort by “Actuators”
You can find couplings sorting by actuator and motor makers’ name and part numbers.
In this way, the housing space of actuator and shaft insertion length are calculated automatically then the most suitable couplings are displayed. If you click the part number, you can see the actual assembly dimensions of your usage unit such as in the following picture.

In case of the above 1), you need to confirm whether the shaft insertion length is enough by checking the housing space and calculating each shaft length and its position by yourself.

Why don’t you try our XG-series coupling for applications which need accurate positioning when you select the couplings?
Those XG couplings allow you to utilize the max servo motor’s performance because they absorb the servo motor’s high frequency vibration.
Thus, enabling more certain and quick positioning, improving your manufacturing productivity.
For more details, please refer to the following White Paper.

If you don’t see any couplings conducive to your needs in the sort result, please contact us. We may be able to customize the bores and add keyways, or any other requests you might need.

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