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Webinar Video: “How can we speed up
and reduce the cost of Motion Control Systems
with Shaft Couplings?”


The Easy Way to Take the Stripped Screws Out with NBK’s Specialty Tool.

NBK released a webinar about “How can we speed up and reduce the cost of Motion Control Systems with Shaft Couplings?” on April 14th.
In this webinar, NBK explains how you can speed up your servosystem by replacing your current shaft couplings with NBK's XG-series couplings.
Currently, users think that having high rigidity is important for high-speed positioning so full metal type couplings such as Bellows type and Disk type have been popularized.
However, in recent years, the Hunting phenomenon (resonance) has begun occurring, coinciding with the dramatical performance improvement of servomotors.
Thus, often one suppresses the servomotor's performance to avoid hunting, thereby not allowing the servomotor to act at peak, high spec performance.
On the other hand, NBK's XG-series can allow for maximum servomotor performance because the XG-series absorbs enough vibration.
In summary, that's why you can shorten the stabilization time for positioning overwhelmingly and improve your industrial manufacturing productivity by replacing your current couplings with NBK’s XG-series.
Furthermore, XG-series can conduct higher torque so it makes downsizing possible and enables a reduced cost.
Please watch the Webinar Video on the following URL.

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