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Engineering Tips

Why not save money on couplings that require
less space and have better performance?



NBK recommends replacing your current couplings with their Anti-Vibration Type Couplings: XG-series.
- Cost reduction by sizing down
- Make your equipment low profile by sizing down
- Additionally, improve your industrial productivity by raising your motor gain to the maximum.

The above table shows a comparison between Disk type, Bellows type and XG-series couplings. The XG-series has a bigger allowable torque compared to other types of coupling so it can conduct the greater or equal torque even if you use a smaller coupling.
In addition, the biggest merit of using the XG-series is its vibration absorption capability. When you raise your servo motor’s gain then it can shorten the stabilization time and thereby improve your industrial productivity. Full-metal couplings such as Disk type and Bellows type cannot absorb vibration enough so the resonance (a.k.a. hunting) occurs. Therefore when using them, one needs to suppress the servo motor’s high performance.
In addition, if you want to keep the current coupling length, you can choose the smaller diameter but long length type: XGL-series that is one of our standard couplings as shown in the above table. Please check our white paper with the following URL to see more detailed information.

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