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NBK’s Miniature Products help
Medical Equipment Industries



NBK has a variety of miniature products that are suitable for medical equipment as standard products in stock.

We are dealing with many sizes of flexible shaft couplings that have an outer diameter starting from 6 mm (= 0.236”) as standard products. Even in small sizes, they can absorb misalignment and transmit the power of the motor. (e.g. Vibration Absorption type, Disk type, Bellows type, Oldham type, Slit type, Jaw type etc.)
Furthermore, we also have couplings made with aluminum alloy and plastic as standard items that are suitable for MRI and CT scans that require non-magnetism. In addition, our titanium hex keys are convenient for assembly works.
We recommend using our stainless steel couplings for equipment that requires chemical resistance.
Especially, we suggest our original Vibration Absorption couplings among our coupling lineup because those couplings suppress the high-frequency vibration of high-spec servomotors. Therefore, they are suitable for surgical, specimen inspection devices and chemical solution amount adjustment equipment that requires precise motion control.
We also recommend those couplings for high-speed rotation applications such as genetic testing equipment.
Moreover, those couplings absorb noise helping enhance the quietness at the hospital.
Miniature screws are essential for small medical equipment. NBK carries the screw starting from 0.6 mm in our standard.
Not only general screws such as pan head or socket head cap but also low profile and chemical resistance (plastic, specialty material), captive screws, clamping screws, and plungers that have unique functions are NBK’s standard screws.
We have many adoption examples for house medical devices and wearable devices that have been popular in recent years.
Additionally, we have a large lineup of knobs and clamping levers with small thread sizes (from M3), which are ideal for angle adjustment and positioning of small monitors.
There are many color variations (black, orange, gray, yellow, blue, etc.) so one can use them depends for various purposes and in various locations.
At last, please know that NBK customizes flexibly such as screw length adjustment, captive processing, and anti-loosening treatment.
Please feel free to ask us anytime.

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