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Engineering Tips

Low Profile / Small Head Screws for Space Saving



NBK has a variety of Low Profile Screws.
- Sizes: Metric M2 - M10, Inch #4-40UNC - #10-32UNF
- Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel (304 equivalent, 316), Titanium, Aluminum, PEEK, PPS, RENY
- Drives: Hexagon socket, Hexalobular socket, Cross, Specialty recess for Tamper-proof, Hexagon Bolts

The head height variety is wide as well and enables one to choose depending on ones space and required strength, in addition, we do have small head diameter type screws, with Nylon patch included for anti-loosening. The navigation page on our website helps one to choose their needed screws. We have not only screws but also low profile tightening tools for places with limited access.
NBK has many types of Specialty Screws in our standard lineup other than Low profile screws and they are all purchasable starting with low quantities.
Furthermore, we can customize the screw’s length, ventilation hole, surface treatment and more, flexibly.
Please feel free to ask us anytime.

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