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Engineering Tips

NBK’s Clamping Screws with Various Ball Shapes
and Materials to help fix your workpiece flexibly.



NBK’s Clamping Screws/Bolts with built-in balls that move flexibly on the edge of the thread, enable accurate fixing. There are a wide variety of ball types, from perfect sphere type, to flat-cut ball type additionally reversal protection type, lastly, a ball type that has higher friction.
We recommend the flat-cut ball types for fixing inclined work pieces. The flat surface of the ball can fits on the inclined surface and thereby reduces damage your work piece.
You can use these products with many applications due to our standard balls that are made with Steel, Stainless Steel, Polyacetal, Brass, and Ceramic materials.
In addition, we can supply customized products of assembling the clamping screws with our knobs or levers. Please feel free to contact us with questions. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your projects!

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