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Engineering Tips

Ball Rollers for Transporting Your Objects Swiftly



You can transport heavy objects swiftly by using NBK’s Ball Rollers.
Ball Rollers enable smooth ball rolling compared to other companies’ products by surrounding the main ball with multiple sub-balls. The small friction coefficient produced allows for transporting work-pieces with minimal force.
With rotations smooth in any 360° direction, changing and transporting directions is easy.
We have Set Screw types, Hex Bolt types and Rounded Head types for the bodies, and the Plunger types have a spring inside and it enables use with an unbalanced load, if any, to be equally received by the roller.
Material lineup of the main ball are not only all-stainless steel types with excellent corrosion resistance but also plastic types which come with a drain hole. They are suitable for applications such as food manufacturing lines that require cleaning.
We can customize the dimensions, shapes, materials, surface treatment, cleanroom wash and special specifications. Please feel free to ask as if needed.

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